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Finifugu Games – a Cyberport HK incubated interactive digital entertainment studio and best known as the creator of the award-winning game Too Many Cooks. Too Many Cooks ranked at number 1 top free game on Hong Kong IOS store in April 2020 and was featured globally in 153 countries as Best New Game, Game of the Day, and Editor’s Choice. FINIFUGU create pocket-sized, scalable curiosities for mobile. We are always striving to design novel gameplay and marketing scenarios for a wide audience and explore new types of interactive digital entertainment. We are a young, highly motivated team with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, supported and rounded out by other collaborators. We pride ourself in stripping down then combining genres and ideas from different mediums and platforms to create new experiences with broad appeal for today’s mobile audience.

Otter Ocean

Otter Ocean is a cute, pet, idle management game where you manage a team of otters to dive, discover and collect treasures and mysteries – from ocean depths, to otter space! On their journey players can clean-up and bring life back to various environments as they create the cuddliest Otter Empire! Cataloging these lost artefacts, questionable foods and unknown Otter species fills up a Collection Book which will then unlock new zones for players to explore. Players will be also feeding and caring for the cuddly critters to get them ready for an underwater expeditions, putting together diving teams and then sending them to explore special ‘dive spots’ like a coral reef or sunken ship, based on the Otter’s diving experience. Otters will return in a period of time with a gift! It could be collectable treasures, a variety of strange foods, new otter species or just trash. Players can use these gifts to decorate their environment, or to interact with the Otters.


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