Anxious Otter Games Limited

Anxious otter games Ltd. is founded in 2017. Our company mainly focuses on mobile and casual games. We have developed 3 mobiles games and one web + mobile game before. Our main product is Idle Space Farmer which has generated over 8million HKD in the first half of year 2020. Another game we have developed (Rolling Neymar) has also achieved a good ranking in a lot of different countries. There are also lots of media coverage on our game. Our company focuses on “return on investment” over creativity. We aim to develop games in a quick and low-cost way with a moderate amount of creativity, therefore creating inexpensive but non-repetitive games.

Idle Dragon Tycoon

Idle Dragon Tycoon is a casual idle game. We have referenced Idle miner tycoon and Tap titans. We have added an unique element into the game: a dragon farm. The player will be constructing and developing dragon farms in different planets to gather dragon soul, then upgrade their dragons. The player will also be able to Gacha different kinds of dragon to progress further in the farm.


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