Gameba Studio Limited

With passion on creating games with polished quality, Gameba Studio was founded in late 2017 by 5 members with diverse game production experience from different positions in creative industries. We hope people who like our game will grow like cell division. Other than original game production, our team is also experienced in various commercial interactive media production. The original mobile game we are now developing has been exhibited in different international events for marketing promotion already, including Taipei Game Show 2019, ACGHK 2019, Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2019, Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2020… One of the most valuable opportunities we have gained was interviewed by the most famous gaming news platform in Taiwan. The news article has also been translated into different languages and posted in media platforms of several countries, e.g. the Mainland China, Thailand… In addition, our company is one of the grantees of Cyberport Creative Micro Fund 2018.

Micro Smash

Microbe exists everywhere but it’s always out of our sight.
Micro Smash is a casual mobile action game with real-time matching and level battling in third person view. Players will need to control slippery characters with special moving physics which simulates the movement of ‘microbe’. With unique storytelling and concise game control. The gameplay is simulating a nostalgic game which the operation ended many years ago. There were around 1.5 million players among Taiwan & Hong Kong according to a news report. With more and more old games transplanted to mobile platform nowadays, the genre of the gameplay that we are developing is also anticipated by many old users which is actually a favourable niche market with past data reference.


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