Add Mission Workshop Limited

In 2019, duty calls as we step up from a group of amateur game developers to form a start up company. Living in the digital era, and as descendants of Hong Kong, we love gaming and we love Hong Kong. We believe games are like movies and medias alike, which can spread Hong Kong culture and its spirit to other parts of the world. We strive to produce games that could cater our users while meeting our own aspiration, and establish ourselves as a socially responsible company with continuing business growth.

Kong-Fu Legends

《Kong-Fu Legends》 is a character raising game with great freedom and catchy moments. Set in the nostalgic 80s era of Hong Kong, where people from all walks of lives are secretly Kung Fu Masters. Players may take role as various locals, through a series of tough decisions and conflicts, make a name for themselves in the business and Kung-Fu arena.

Kong-Fu Legends retain the essences of its prequel and start fresh with new additions of gameplay and features. We anticipate new challenges and opportunities that could yield greater grow and returns for our company.


Game Download:

iOS :打工英雄傳2-香城風雲/id1529834421
Android :

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