3rd Hong Kong Game Enhancement and Promotion Scheme

2021年12月16日:公開接受業界申請             2022年2月4日:截止報名


Feeling Game Company is an interactive entertainment brand founded in 2018 with a focus on creating inspiring digital entertainment experiences targeting the millennial consumer group which currently has over 3 million users around the world. Feeling Game Company published its first product video game named “Pluck It: hairs and emotions (掹條毛: 毛與情感)”. It has acquired over 3 million downloads and was featured by Apple App Store in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, UK, US and Korea. It was ranked Top 1 download App in Taiwan.

Game Title﹔Foodie Frog

A story about Foodie Frog traveling with his buddy fish around the world to taste all kinds of food and meet new friends to become the best foodie in the world.

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