Gamestry Lab Limited

Gamestry Lab is established in 2017, focusing on creating impressive games, animations and IP related products. We believe games and works can connect and share ideas within people. Our strength are designing and developing game and interactive experience, also producing 2D and 3D animations. As a game and entertainment startup company, we have been trained in Taiwan DIT startup 3rd selection and currently selected in Hong Kong Cyberport incubation program.

Game Title﹔Balance Breakers

“Balance Breakers”, produced by Hong Kong indie game development team “Gamestry Lab”, is an easy to learn battle-based party game for 2-4 players. Facing the attacks from opponents and bosses, players have to team up and fight for the most treasures to claim the victory. With epic battles and chaotic co-op experience, Balance Breakers is now available on Steam as Early Access. New contents like characters and maps will be updated in the future. Team up with your friends and family to become Balance Breakers together!

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