Ember Entertainment Limited

Ember Entertainment Limited is a digital game developer found in late 2017, focusing on competitive games and platforms development. There is an inner fire, fueled in every member of the studio. It comes from what we surround ourselves with, from the games we play, from where we live and who we are accompanied by.

We want to hone that fire and make it grow. It’s what makes the games we create so unique. As a studio, we have one mission: making the best video games on the planet.

Game Title﹔Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters (ROA) is a free-to-play online collectible card game developed by Ember Entertainment Limited in Hong Kong. The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of 40 cards along with a selected Champion with unique powers. Players have to build up mana resources with cards in hand and use mana points to cast “Magics”, summon “Followers” or trigger “Champion Ability”, such as “Far Sight”, “Potion Mixing”, “Charged Slash”, etc. to attack the opponent, or gain board control, with the ultimate goal of reducing opponent’s health to zero. The game has compared favorably with Hearthstone and Shadowverse, a difference being that Ember sought to minimize the impact of randomness on match outcomes by introducing resource management mechanic; multi-colour deck building allows players to create infinite combo, or unique play styles.

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