Playmap Limited

PLAYMAP is a small game development start-up company with the team members who love ACG. We are interested in design, Animation and Game design. We would like to bring new entertainment experience to people with innovation technology. PLAYMAP is keen on creating games with new concepts. The game they are now focusing on is a LOCATION BASE SYSTEM (LBS) game, with an innovative and diversified gameplay. The LBS game concept developed by PLAYMAP receives the recognition from HK CYBER PORT and HK SCIENCE PARK. Also, the game proposal is financially supported by the YBHK program of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG).


The game characters are from Journey to the Sweet. In the beginning, players can choose characters between LolliKong, Kimo.G and Sugar.E. There is a costume-changing system for every character with a various of costumes. More characters can be unlocked as the game are played more times, such as Dragon’s Horse. All mini games are designed based from the 81 challenges happens in the Chinese myth Journey to the West, such as Fly through Five Finger Mountain, Kimo.G’s Heart Factory, Crossing Sand River and etc. Players can understand the story and move forward with the characters while experiencing the game play. The competition challenge is another key feature of this game. The goal of this feature is to collect candy points. The higher rank they are, the more rewards they can get. Each challenge can be sent to 30 players at the same time.

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