Player Two Games

Never Play Alone. Player Two Games was born with this very idea, that video gaming is a true social experience. Having been involved in game development for a few years, we believe we have the skills and experience, yet also the drive and desire to start with a new vision and approach to gaming. We build games to facilitate player connections and interactions. We build games in which players would express and elaborate themselves with the options they pick and the decisions they make. We build games that connect players more deeply into the game world, with the game world.

Game Title﹔ Iron Space

Build your own battleship from the ground up and take it to 4 vs 4 battles across the galaxy against real opponents in real time; be it a speedy assault corvette sneaking through enemy territories, an unyieldingly steadfast destroyer holding o enemy re, a tactical vessel beaming support for allies or a cloaked artillery cruiser ambushing from afar. Better yet, forget about standards and stereotypes, dene your very own strategies and create unique blueprints from an immense collection of battleship components in various areas like hull, bridge, engine and armament. Load them up with weapons and modules of vastly varying genres and qualities. Devise your unique upgrade path through the tech tree. There are virtually unlimited ways to dene and execute your very own battle style and tactics. In Iron Space, no two battleships are the same. No two commanders are equal.

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