Genuine Studio Limited

Genuine Studio Limited was founded in 2015, we are a gaming company who specialized in puzzle solving games distributed on the smartphone & PC platform.

Mission:  – To bring unique gaming experience to puzzling solving game players.

Vision: – To be the leading gaming company in the puzzle solving genre.

– Build our IPs across ACG platforms.

– Cooperate with other IP owners to transform their products into games.

Game Title﹔ Dangerous Man

“Dangerous Man” is an adventure game based on well- known crime cases in Hong Kong. Players have to make correct choices and solve the puzzles for survival. The first two seasons will use the cases in Hong Kong, while other sequels will use the cases in Taiwan and China. Different from the traditional detective game, in this game, players will become the victim of the case. In the very first beginning, the players would experience their death once. All you can do is to try to change your destiny by investigating the people around you and find out the real killer.

There are many different scenes and characters you can investigate, you may experience the life of the victim as to have a thrilling experience in every chapter. “Dangerous Man” contain multiple endings, players should be careful on what they choose from the options. Every step may lead to death.

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