Original Workshop Company Limited

Original Workshop Company Limited is an indie-game developer located in Hong Kong that creates and publishes interactive entertainment and games. With the initial startup in 2015, the company is currently also one of the selected Cyberport 2019 Incubatees. With the company’s objective in developing visually enticing and engaging gameplay to deliver a fun and memorable gaming experience to players, the company has developed and published their pioneer game Project Magitek onto Google Play Store and Apple IOS Store. The game has been featured by Google on all Traditional Chinese Google Play Store in 2018, and the game has achieved the Certificate of Merit in HKICT Award 2019. On the other hand, an Otome game My Omamori has also been released in March 2019, attracting Huawei App Gallery’s mass feature during release, and a game novel publishing opportunity with Sharp Publishing, one of the top three novel publisher in Taiwan. The team will continue to deliver original and memorable gaming experience across all gaming platforms by combinations of unique gameplay and graphics style. With the support of publishers networks and platform assistance, Original Workshop long term mission is to become one of the top 100 mobile game developer in the world

Game Title﹔ Genki Village

Ever dreamed of having your own village? Maintaining and protecting it from invasion? Collecting materials, special characters, and buildings through puzzle game play? Achieving fame and fortune by turning the village to a 5-star tourist attraction? Perhaps, protecting the village by hiring 5-stars guardian like Ironmeow, Deadwoo, and Black Panda? You can do exactly that (and more!) with Genki Village! Genki Village is a simulation casual game where you can design and set up your own exclusive animal village and ensure a smooth operation within the village. Players will have to collect building materials through engaging in cute animal block puzzles, distributing workload to the villagers, and choosing from over 50 different buildings to decorate their village. As your village grows, your village may also attract invaders, “Egg Mon” to encroach on what you have earned. Players will have to become the warrior to resist the invasion and protect villagers.

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