Element Cell Game Limited

Element Cell Game Limited was found in Hong Kong in November 2014, primarily as a mobile game studio to deliver high quality original games. Our core team in Hong Kong consists of 5 members, who work on gameplay design, game development, marketing, and customer service.

We have developed and published 20 games as of April 2019 (releasing a new game to iOS and Android on an average of every 3 to 4 months). The games that we published have a total install count of over a million.

Game Title﹔Magic burns 9 times

Our game is a parody on the “Magical Girl” (Majokko) genre which has always been popular in ACG culture. Instead of a solo or small team of heroines with secret identity, the player may command a majokko army in our game. We pull anybody on the street and convert all of them into avatars of love and justice! We do mean anybody without discrimination, so it will not just be young girls transforming into magical girls — middle-aged ladies, elderly men, young boys,

all of them will wear frilly magical girl dresses and join the fight for love and peace! And with the obligatory fancy transform poses too!

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