Xanadoo Limited

MATR1X is an innovative entertainment platform combining Web3 + Artificial Intelligence (Al) + Esports. Its purpose is to bring revolution in technological innovation to the global game and digital content industry via blockchain and Al technology.

MATR1X comes from top tech firms and Web3 Communities in the world.


MATR1X FIRE is the first mobile shooting game in the Metaverse and the first game on the MATR1X platform. You can team up to experience classic yet innovative 5V5 shooting battles in the Cyberpunk world.Two teams typically compete against each other in different objective-based game modes.

What’s more, you can combat to win NFTs and digital art assets with great appreciation potential, such as Avatars, Weapons, PFPs, Gloves, and other props. You can also join the MATR1X DAO to create your own NFTs!

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