Why Not Have Fun Studio Limited

Why Not Have Fun Studio Limited was founded in 2017 and has been operating independently ever since. Our primary objective is to craft games that resonate with players worldwide. Recognizing the potential of Roblox game development as a sustainable growth avenue, our production team initiated our foray into this arena in 2023. The culmination of our efforts is the recent commercial launch of our latest game, “Princess Fighter Simulator,” in April 2024.

Presently, our team members are spread across Hong Kong, Mainland China, and India. The Hong Kong team serves as the creative and operational nucleus throughout the entire Roblox game development and publishing cycle.

Princess Fighter Simulator

Roblox is a social platform with over 71.5 million daily active users. Through leveraging the Roblox studio for cross-platform development, our game “Princess Fighter Simulator” undergoes rapid iteration updates, delivering players a thrilling and intuitive simulation experience.

This game is a classic simulator where players embody warriors in the entire princess universe. Besides undertaking missions from various fairy tale realms, players must skillfully utilize in-game weapons, pets, and items to challenge a series of formidable monsters.
The game’s combat mode is designed to be intuitive, allowing returning players to easily assist newbies in smoothly progressing through levels. This culture of mutual aid fosters a vibrant community where players gradually become co-developers of “Princess Fighter Simulator”.

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