Trefle & Co. Limited

Island Kingdom

Trefle & Co. Game was established in 2017. The team has an average of more than 8 years of experience in game development and publishing. The core team members are familiar with the development of 3D games. In 2020, they developed and released “Dashero: Legend of Heroes”, which has won worldwide awards. Over 2 million downloads and multiple awards. We plan to launch an attractive mobile game in 2022: “Rise of Island”, which targets the light-hearted casual market of mobile games worldwide, and aims to achieve successful downloads and sales worldwide.

Island Kindgom is a full cartoon 3D casual building and strategy game with hundreds of tasks and multiple areas for unlocks and to challenge! We have carefully designed many interesting building tasks, resources, and unlocks. We also introduced various resources system, various in-app purchases and advertising to increase our potential revenue.

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