The Ore Studio Limited

The Ore Studio is a game studio which is established in 2020, mainly focusing on game development, aiming to produce innovative gameplays through investigating different game designs, experiences, and possibilities.

We are in line with the faith of bringing the diversity of game back to players, therefore we polish every “game ores”, search for the best stage of performance, turn those ores into shining gems. The Ore Studio has crossovered with a Doujin creation team, released and keeping development on a IP series production, “Forge Master”, which has been one of the 10 games inside the top chart of Google Play Store within the first week of release.

Defense Force

This game may be the most out-standing hard-core game that you ever played, with the most suitable operating system for a mobile game, you can draw any line as your shield on the screen with only one finger, go and clear those stages.

You should have no fear, although your tourism spaceship only equipped a defensive shield:
Unlocking every weird spaceship, learning unique character skills, collecting various gears, finding out your favourite best match, rebounding all attacks from the enemies! Having the strongest, the most absolute defense force, you would not need any weapons, because defense is the best attack! Get over the assault from the defense force, and enjoy your trip on the Earth.


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