Sportopia FEC Limited

Sportopia is a Company dedicated to building own transformational Mixed-Reality free-wearable retailtainment venues. Sportopia is a leading company based in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific working with the latest innovative and ground-breaking global interactive technologies. Utilizing our database of over 1,000+ best-in-class active entertainment, exergaming and fitness related contents, we assist our clients to create fun, innovative and engaging entertainment, sports or fitness experiences. Sportopia provides end-to-end curation, innovation, and consulting services. In addition, we are currently developing our own Sports x Entertainment x Technology venues. Our Company is experiencing explosive growth in China, Hong Kong, and also SE Asia.
Some notable projects:
– Leading Developer, Shopping Mall Groups & Properties in Asia-Pacific
– Government Sports Parks in Asia
– Leading tech parks, entertainment venues, residential clubhouses, gyms and indoor ski venues

Quest Arena

QUEST ARENA is the latest immersive Multiplayer MR Interactive Gaming Space. Supports multiplayers interacting in a large virtual metaverse space to provide a brand-new entertainment experience.
Combining AI technology, MR technology and 3D Metaverse game, the system immerses players in a wearable-free, VR-style interacting experience in a large physical space. Real-life wearable-free interaction creates a stronger overall social atmosphere and Quest Arena doesn’t need to wear glasses or other devices, making it easier to experience compared to traditional metaverse VR experience. It is also suitable for various scenario including museum, theme park, sports gym, playground, commercial real estate and other venues. With our own R&D innovative technical approach, we can realize 2D person recognition and image segmentation AI algorithms based on RGB cameras. 3D motion capture based on multiple RGB cameras, utilizing GPU-accelerated AI algorithms, supporting multiple high-definition USB cameras with automated camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameter calibration plus excellent recognition response time with barely perceptible delay. Quest Arena is the next generation MR interactive entertainment experience.

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