Realm of Alters Limited

Realm of Alters Limited is a Hong Kong digital game developer company and was
established in September 2017. We are all Hong Kong developers that love both
RPG and competitive games and aim to bring our visions and the best gaming
experience to gamers around the world.


《Sector-IX》is an immersive and thrilling sci-fi adventure game that
takes players on an epic journey to restore the post-war world and its
species. Set in a future where different centuries and civilizations collide, the game offers a captivating blend of exploration, combat, and strategic decision-making. Organize your team formation by arranging them in the front or backline, altering their abilities and interactions. In battle, your Sentinels fight automatically, and you can activate their key special abilities when their energy bar is full. While this may seem simple, the complexity arises from the numerous team combinations and the intricate interactions between Sentinels, allies, and enemies, requiring careful sequencing of commands. Battle planning becomes an engaging challenge in Sector-IX, providing strategic depth and excitement.

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