Founded in 2021, ML Interactive Limited is a team of game enthusiasts. The founder has produced many games, one of which is a Japanese-style idle RPG that has exceeded 1 million downloads globally. The company’s members have also been involved in designing and operating over one million download games. We hope that through our own experience, interaction and understanding with the players, we can create high-quality games for the players.

Winning Derby 勝利の少女: 御駖少女培育模擬遊戲

“Winning Derby 勝利の少女: 御駖少女培育模擬遊戲” is a competitive simulation game where real-world racehorses are transformed into adorable girls.
In the game, players recruit Winby, who are named after globally famous racehorses and have their basic stats determined based on their actual racing records.
Unlike real-life racehorses, players can use the game’s unique “Bingo” training system to strengthen their recruited Winby, compete against computer or other players, and strive for the top spot on the leaderboard. Through the “Inherited” and “Equipment” systems, players can further enhance their Winby to compete in races of different distances, turf, and dirt courses, breaking through the boundaries of reality.
In addition to competitions, players can unlock beautiful CGs and daily stories of each Winby and delve deeper into their backgrounds and interactions with their owners (players) through daily training and story mode progression.

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