Minidragon Limited

Minidragon is established since 2013, with a focus on mobile game development.
We create casual experiences for all age groups.
Our current flagship title Pixel Petz is widely downloaded, with international awards.
In 2020, our upcoming title Tiny Fantasy is a puzzle action game that will bring a fresh experience to mobile hack ’n slash.

Tiny Fantasy

Tiny Fantasy is a Hack and Slash game for the Mobile platform.
Focusing on simple control, the game is played in portrait mode with one hand so players can play anywhere. The innovative combat system allows Players to perform combo attacks and spells with easy swipes and taps. The game places high emphasis on fighting large groups of enemies using physics-based combat interactions, for maximum satisfaction.
There are different hero archetypes for player to choose from to reflect their personality and play style, such as the close-combat classic hero – Knight, and the glass cannon spellcaster – Mage.
Monetization model comes in the form of lucky draw where players can collect additional adventure partners to add into their party.


Game Download:


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