Level88 Limited

Galaxy Storm

LEVEL88 Limited is a start-up company. We believe making games should be fun and exciting. The company’s mission is to focus on making mobile games with simple logics and yet fun to play. Our target platforms are Google Play and iOS. Currently the company is working on a space shooter. We are expanding our current capacity and make products in other game genres that meet our mission.

Galaxy Storm is a space shooter arcade style game. There are 50 main stages featured with waves, bosses, power ups, pickups, and special weapons. Each stage has normal, hard, expert, and nightmare difficulties. There are 14 unlockable space fighters, each with unique characteristics. Each space fighters has 5 upgradeable specifications. There are also 5 types of special weapons player can use with 8 upgradable specifications. Players need to use stars they collect from gameplay to unlock space fighters, special weapons, and upgrades.

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