LEAP STUDIO is a young and passionate game developing team. The core members are from well-known universities in mainland China and abroad. With vision and ambition, we are committed to developing high-quality games that can be appreciated world-wide. Our ongoing project “Ink Realm” is a RogueLite action game with unique Chinese ink style art. It has achieved over 100k wishlists on STEAM and over 60% of it is from overseas players. “Realm of Ink” will be launched in 2024.

Realm of Ink

Realm of Ink is an 2.5D Ink-style action Roguelite game.
From ink and brush, life springs anew,
In death’s embrace, souls remain still.
While pursuing the Fox Demon, the swordswoman Red, unexpectedly finds that her life is dictated by the ‘destiny’ within the world of the book. Only by breaking free can she unveil the truth of her existence and challenge the constraints of fate.

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