Langeare Studio Limited

Sin Stone Saga

The team of Langeare Studio was established in 2019 and established as a limited company in 2020. The team has three core members, they’re come from well-known local game production company and idol management company. “Sin Stone Saga” is the first game made by Langeare Studio after its establishment, those core members have wealth of experience in game production and marketing so beside the new creativity and unique gameplay, the game also included a lot of market considerations, that’s why we hope that “Sin Stone Saga” is a game that accepted by the market.

Sin Stone Saga is a Japanese anime style free-to-play mobile game.

In a spacetime where humans and monsters coexist, seven sin stones with incomparable power are scattered in different corners of the world. In order to consolidate their power, those in power will spare no effort to find and seize the sin stones.

In short, Sin Stone Saga will be something more than just an average day to day mobile game we see on the market.

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