Jokey Studio Limited

Solve & Rescue: Animal Kingdom

Jokey Studio is a mobile game developer founded by puzzle game enthusiasts in April 2020. We believe that great puzzle games should challenge and stimulate your mind while you are having fun. We combine intuitive mechanics with rewarding game flows and attractive artwork. Our games are highly original and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.
“Solve & Rescue – Animal Kingdom” is our company’s first game. We will continue to develop other different themed puzzle games for puzzle game lovers around the world.

Aliens have captured our animals and have trapped them in cages with coded locks! Please use your number logic skills to rescue them!

“Solve & Rescue: Animal Kingdom” is a fun and challenging number puzzle game. To release animals from the cages, you need to place the correct numbers and symbols into the empty puzzle slots to solve the locks before the time runs out! There are various habitats to explore and different game modes to choose from. Have fun rescuing the animals while exercising your brain!

The intuitive game mechanics is easy to learn but difficult to master! There are four difficulty levels in the game, namely Basic, Advanced, Expert and Genius. As the difficulty increases, you will face tougher challenges: more coded locks, more empty slots, more complex operations, and more combinations! Unleash your math potential to solve all the puzzles!

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