Goblin Gamer Company Limited

My Little Jellymon

Goblin Gamer is a game development company with a focus in the mobile market. Our group was founded by a team of passionate gamers in 2017. Armed with extensive gaming experience from our investors and programmers, Goblin Gamer sets out to create truly unique and original games with innovative ideas, thriving multiplayer communities, vibrant graphics, and immensely fleshed out stories, masterfully brought together to grant much more wonder and excitement to players than anything else you can find on the industry today. In addition to this, we strive to incorporate cutting edge technologies to ensure that our featured games run better and smoother than the others.

Jellymon is an adventured- based hyper-casual indie game. The task of the player is to take good care of his/ her pet- Jellymon: to feed and play with it regularly. One day, Jellymon heard the scream from other companions; it decides to look for them by hunting treasures. Player may bring back the new pets and souvenir to enrich your home. In addition, players can increase favorability with Jellymon through mini-games.

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