Feeling Game Company is a game studio focusing on creating inspiring experiences. The studio has launched games which have been downloaded by more than 5 million players around the world, including award-winning games “Pluck It” and “Every Hero”.
Feeling Game Company has received the following awards:
-Hong Kong ICT Digital Entertainment Gold Award
-Tencent GWB Game Awards Bronze Award
-China Indieplay Best Mobile Game Winner

Nice To MEAT You

Nice To MEAT You” is a single player comic adventure PC game with Hong Kong local mo lei tau culture elements.
A piece of char siu choked a man to death and was sentenced
to hell. The char siu is trapped in hell and forced to embark on an hilarious adventures. He encounters all kinds of ghosts and monsters, and at the same time stumbles upon memories of his own past life, unraveling the truth of his transformation into a char siu. In the end,what will it reincarnate into?
The game features full dual dubbing in Mandarin and Cantonese.

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