Daytech HK Limited

Daytech HK Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2021, focusing on developing cross-platform games. In 2023, it became one of the incubated companies of Hong Kong Cyberport. From 2021 to 2023, the company gradually expanded from a one-person team to a nine-people team. This young team grew stronger and embarked on the path of an independent game development team, delving into and developing the 2D cooperative shooting game, 9Cat Saga. The team prefers a quirky and humorous 2D art style and game style, as well as multiplayer online games. They hope to combine these elements to create cute and interesting innovative games.

9Cat Saga

9Cat is a cross-platform online Co-op shooter/action game. Gather your friends to forage and extract in the procedurally generated landscape. Nourish and furnish your collection of 9Cat, refine your combat styles, overcome various missions, and defeat great enemies.

You will wander in the ever-changing landscapes to scavenge resources and shoot your way out of trouble.

Recruit more 9Cats, collect more gears, gather your friends to form a squad of up to 4 kittens, and defeat bosses… but we warn, it will require much more than shooting.

How will you raise your 9Cat? A mighty warrior, a geeky technician, or a spell-welding wizard? Let’s find out in 9Cat Saga.

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