Bright Education Technology Limited

Bright Mage Saga

Our company is a HK-based education technology startup with mission to leverage digital gaming and their influences to improve learning experiences of everyone, especially students. Digital Gaming is not conflicting with Education! On the contrary, we believe fun digital games have enormous potential to motivate self-learning. To fully unearth this potential, we set out to develop a pioneer Education Infusion Platform capable of seamlessly infusing various brain training and academic quiz into any digital games. With this concept, our company was selected into the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program in 2019. Our team has over 10 years of platform and game production experience. We are enthusiastic about game and education, and look forward to making disruptive and sustainable contributions to education and digital entertainment.
Bright Mage Saga is a fantasy gacha RPG featuring a turn-based battle system infused with Brain-Training and Trivia Quiz. In a world where magic is powered by knowledge, the player takes on various adventures, collects and leads teams of pet buddies to rival against different enemies and evils. The game is an unique experience demanding game strategy, brainpower and knowledge. It also features real-time and non-real-time player-vs-player and team-vs-team battle modes. We will also release an Education Version for curriculum-aligned, game-based learning.
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