Blink Studio Limited

Overdrive Legends

Blink Studio was founded in 2017, we focus on mobile game development. The goal is to build a brand belonging to Hong Kong people, provide mobile games with engaging content and exciting and unique game experience, and create some relaxing and interesting games to create unique original games. , giving players more novel experiences and bringing all kinds of joy to the world. The team is composed of a group of experienced game workers, who are full of enthusiasm for game production, and the team has a very comprehensive ability and is familiar with each game production process.
Overdrive Legends is a 3D action rogue-like and role-playing game with a virtual network as the background. The innovative battle system allows players to move characters, hack and slash enemies, knock down bosses, and earn gold with ease by swiping. Players may randomly choose or upgrade their skills every time they clear the stages. With hundreds of skill combinations, every player can choose their own style and create their own build. Collect different kinds of shards, improve character abilities, challenge hundreds of levels and stages, dozens of monsters and a large number of powerful bosses.
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