Twitchy Finger Limited

Twitchy Finger Limited is a mobile games developer and publisher for Google Play and iOS App Store. Games produced by the company include Furball Rampage, Mini Legend and Be A Man: Do The Right Thing and OH~! My Office. Our games have achieved both commercial and critical success with over 10 million downloads worldwide. Our mission is to create entertaining and inspiring games by combining unique topics with our experienced knowledge in game design. Furthermore, we strive to become a global presence in the mobile gaming industry and a beacon for creative talent. Our company has won numerous awards for our excellence in games including 2018 Tencent Game Innovation Award, 2018 HKGDA Design Excellence Award, HSBC 2017 Youth Business Award, 2017 Asia Smart App Awards “HKSTP Best Start-Up Award”, 2016 Google Play “Best Independent Game Award” and Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016 “Best Digital Entertainment Software Silver Award”.

Game Title﹔ APEX Racer

APEX Racer is an original racing simulation game based on the Mini 4WD genre and a spiritual sequel to Mini Legend launched in 2016. Players can modify, customize and upgrade their cars through the deep customization system and compete through solo or team mode with weekly online tournaments. APEX Racer will focus on the fast pace action of Mini 4WD racing, introducing Mini 4WD to both existing fans and new generation of people. The game will feature real-time competition and bringing E-Sport elements into the world of Mini4WD.

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