Anxious Otter Games Limited

Anxious otter games Ltd. is founded in 2017, which is a sister company with Antigravity games.Our company mainly focuses on mobile and casual games. We have developed 3 mobiles games and one web + mobile game before. One of the game we have developed (Rolling Neymar) hasachieved a good ranking in a lot of different countries. There are also lots of media coverage onour game. Our company focuses on “return on investment” over creativity. We aim to develop games in a quick and low-cost way with a moderate amount of creativity, therefore creating inexpensive but non-repetitive games.

Game Title﹔Idle Space Farmer

Have you ever imagined what a space farm will look like? We are not talking about space mining, but farming monsters! Idle Space farmer is a hero simulation game that mixes traditional farming monster with money management to gain profit and become the most significant space farmer in the universe. We have added a unique element into the game: space monster farming. The player will be managing multiple space farms in different planets and gathering monster body parts to upgrade their agents and spaceship components.

You will need to recruit different agents to progress further on the farm. These agents will also go on various quests to acquire weapons to improve their farming skills. Become a space farmer tycoon, build a monster empire, and earn a massive profit. Gain some earnings and invest now in this space farm manager simulator!

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